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galaxy tab 3 value edition Hard reset process is an action done after specific steps that will clear all the software installed on your Samsung and will solve annoying malfunctions that are caused by over usage of the Samsung . This is by far the easiest way to solve any issues which appeared in time since you bought Samsung .Hard […] Continue reading →

Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 for Galaxy S3 still not ready to be released. Download I9300XXDLI5 firmware leak instead

Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 We are all anxiously waiting for the Android 4.1.1 version of Jelly Bean, especially when Samsung is leaking so many firmware which made us believe the release date will be soon, but instead they are preparing the ground for the official version. These days we witnessed the largest leaks of firmware from Samsung, especially regarding […] Continue reading →

Nokia owes Romania $10 million

Nokia Jucu Factory After deciding to leave Romania in favor of China, Nokia now owes 10 million dollars to Romanian budget. This bill represents custom bills of the trucks used by Nokia for transporting their materials. This situation is breaking news in Romania, considering that a few months ago Nokia decided to close their factory in Jucu, Cluj, […] Continue reading →