Conventional Fuels: When Pollution Becomes a Real Threat

In advance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will take place in Paris this December, a study had revealed that the climate change is the major concern of the people worldwide. This climate change is caused primarily by the use of conventional fuels (oil, natural gas and coal), the main source of energy nowadays.

Since the industrial revolution, conventional fuels are used almost exclusively around the world, causing a greenhouse effect which raised the average global temperature with 0.6°C. Although the Earth has a natural greenhouse effect which helps maintain a global temperature of +15°C absolutely necessary for life, if the gas emissions and soil pollution are not controlled the climate could suffer severe change affecting life on the entire planet.conventional fuels

Burning conventional fuels affects not only the atmosphere, but also the soil and the waters. The process of extracting the materials is not efficient enough and produces waste. Therefore, by extracting the fuels, we deposit harmful deposits in the soil. The toxins affect in this way the agriculture and also the natural habitats of the animals. Just like the greenhouse effect, soil contaminations can cause the loss of balance in many ecosystems on Earth.

Nevertheless, we have to take in consideration that any contamination caused by conventional fuels consumption can become a water contamination problem. The oil is extracted in large amounts from the oceans and during its transport sometimes takes place oil spill in the waters, which spreads rapidly and affects a large number of ecosystems.

The pollution produced by the use of conventional fuels is constantly rising and is causing an increased frequency of natural disasters such as flooding, landslides and also can produce a severe loss of balance in natural ecosystems. The average sea level is expected to raise with aproximately 0.5 m until the end of the century, flooding the lowest places of the land.

The constant threat of climate change caused by gas emissions is one of the main reasons why many nations have issued the necessity of reducing pollution with 60-80%. Finally a switch to renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy is expected by the end of the 21st century.

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