Top 5 Innovative Wind Energy Inventions that will blow your mind

The challenge of our century is to find a cheap, non-polluting, renewable source of energy which is accessible to all the countries around the world allowing industry, transportation and housing to become independent and sustainable free from the conventional fuels limitations.

For this objective to become reality, the wind energy is one of the best solutions. Why do I say that? In the following lines, I will explain to you the importance and the versatility of the wind energy and I will also present 5 different and innovative projects related to wind energy.

But first, a short introduction into the “wind energy” world:

As you have probably already figured out, the wind power is the type of renewable energy that turns the force of the wind into electricity. Wind is converted into electric energy by wind turbines. The wind turns the blades on the turbines and these are connected to a generator that produces electricity. The turbines are organized in large groups, named wind power plants, installed in areas with good wind resources, as wind speed is a critical feature of this type of green energy resource.

Even though the cost of wind power has decreased in the past 10 years, the technology requires a substantial initial investment mostly in the turbine itself, because the operating expenses are minimal.

Everything sounds really good so far, but despite the benefits of the wind power, it is not so popular because of some issues concerning the environment and the transport of electric power. Some people express their concern about the possible noise the rotor blades can make or the fact that birds fly directly into the blades and die. Others state that the turbines have an awkward visual impact and somehow “visually contaminate” the area.

wind turbines in the environment

The biggest challenge remains the fact that the wind is not constant and for a result it cannot produce the same amount of energy all the time – the same aspect is also similar with other green energy sources, such as the solar energy. Consequently we can consider wind energy as a complementary source of green energy. So, next time you install a solar collector, think about installing next to it a small wind turbine.

In order for wind energy to become more popular, people have thought about how to integrate wind energy in our everyday lives and in our cities and homes – thus, we can now talk about complex projects such as an Eco-City. Moreover, inventors thought about how to use turbines anywhere they could  to save both time and money and also to protect our planet from the contamination of the conventional fuels.

Anyway, in order to see how everything works and also to check some of the advantages that are introduced by the wind energy, during the following lines I will detail the best 5 wind energy projects that can become a part of our lives.

Top 5 Innovative Wind Energy Inventions

Wind Power System to desalinate water

With the constant problem of small water supply, what better than a system that can desalinate sea water without consuming energy?

This system purifies water due to a reversed osmosis technique which uses the power of the circulating water to channel the energy through a wind mill. So, whenever the wind blows, the sea water is drinkable.

Wind Power in the sea

Because of the numerous complains about how the wind mills ruin the landscape of the mountains, the solution would be placing them in the sea.


The huge wind mills are designed to float in the deep waters and take advantage of the strong offshore winds. However, their benefits are not entirely clear yet, because they can cause vibration which would disrupt the ecosystems and also the costs of the energy transport are very high.

Wind Mills for buildings

This invention is by far the most interesting one, mainly because of its futuristic design. The green Energy Technologies Company has developed a type of turbines which is 3 meters high and it can be installed on buildings. They could provide the energy necessary for a big building to function completely on renewable energy.

wind mills-buildings

One problem of this invention is that building need a special design in order to properly use the energy generated by wind power.

Wind Power pedestrian brige

Michael Jantzen, the inventor of the Wind Tunnel Footbridge managed to prove that original designs can combine the utility and the respect for the environment.

wind tunnel footbridge

The wind power pedestrian bridge transports people across the highways and also produces electricity.

Wind Power street lights

Of course someone has thought about them, too! Just as we see everywhere street lights powered by solar energy, we can very soon see them powered by wind mills.

wind power street lights

A Spanish company developed a project of a system attached to street lights that can store solar and wind energy and then work for approximately 58 hours.


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