Top 7 Modern Green Marvels you will want for yourself

As promised in a previous article, about a brief history of the renewable energy, I recently discovered some innovative, mind-blowing projects using green energy that I for one would buy the minute they enter the market.

Most of them are small devices designed to conserve and re-use energy and to improve our everyday lives. Other projects involve changing a little bit the face of the community and to make the transition from a normal city to an eco-city easier.

What do these inventions have in common? They are all crazy ideas! If you thought that harnessing energy brought to us from nature is innovative, other people have taken the renewable energy concept to a whole new level of technology and efficiency.

The spherical sun power generator


This generator is the creation of a German architect who combined spherical geometry principles with a dual axis tracking system and a collector which converts solar energy into electricity and thermal energy at the same time.

The system is rotational and suitable for inclined surfaces, like roofs or hills. The generator named the beta.ray can produce twice the energy of a conventional solar panel and it can be used as an electric car charging station.


At night, the beta.ray turns into a high-power lamp using LEDs to illuminate your location.

Tree shaped wind turbines


These new wind turbines are installed in Paris, by New Wind Company. The inventor says that this type of wind turbines can exploit small air currents flowing in the cities, just as the natural leaves tremble when there is no wind. Of course, the efficiency of the trees is a bit low for now, but I guess the company is planning to install a forest of them, so they will produce more electricity.

The Makani Energy Kite

The creators of the Energy Kite believe that a new approach in using wind energy with less materials and more lightweight electronics and smart software can bring new green energy alternatives.


The kite is launched from the ground at 800ft and flies in circles. Rotors mounted on the wings drive generators that produce electricity. The kite is guided by a computer which uses GPS and sensors to calculate adjustments and position.

Solar-powered keyboard

What is the main problem when you own a wireless keyboard? Charging batteries of course. As it becomes more and more annoying to constantly charge or change them when you less want to, Logitech has come with the perfect solution: solar-powered keyboards.

The technology used is the same as in Citizen Watches that can get power from both outdoor and indoor light. Moreover, the Logitech keyboard can be described as an eco-keyboard because of its PVC-free construction and its recyclable packaging. You could start with it if you want to make your home and eco-friendly one.

The Hydrobee

It is a small green device which generates power using flowing water and solar power. It charges six internal batteries which can then be used to charge other devices. Now, the Hydrobee is just a concept but hopefully the company that created it will get funding to start producing. This devices would be very useful in remote areas.


Human powered workout gym concept

Two very clever people have thought a lot about how people working out release a great amount of energy which is lost forever. So they had the idea of the ultimate contemporary gym which uses “green” energy produced by physical exercises in transportation. That way, people can help their selves by working out but they also help others by transporting them to their destination.

Flat towers

As the cities become more and more crowded, the architects and engineers think about innovative buildings which are less tall than skyscrapers and more environmentally friendly.

This flat tower has a dome-like structure with green technology incorporated. The top surface lets in the sunlight so the interior needs less electricity during the day and the ground level can hold up green areas and entertainment facilities. The dome will have all the technology expected from a green home, including solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.


It is truly amazing how more and more people are turning towards green energy for the pollution and creating a more eco-friendly future for young generations.

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