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Have you ever heard about Blue Energy?

estuary-osmotic-energy It is widely known that the sea and the rivers are a source of green energy such as hydro and tidal power. But it has been recently discovered that they are also the source of osmotic power, popularly known as blue energy. Shortly, when fresh water comes into contact with seawater, it releases large amounts of […] Explore News

Eco-city: 5 successful projects you need to learn about

the vauban district renewable energy sources As we explained yesterday, the eco-city concept describes a project in which a community is rebuilt so it becomes more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Following a more or less clear and strict criteria, the Eco-Cities Initiative Organization identified 178 significant projects worldwide, in different stages of implementation. In this article, we introduce to you 5 […] Explore News

Eco-city: a nature-friendly community

I am sure most people around you live their lives as pollution and the constant threat of climate change didn’t exist. Meanwhile, there are others who care so much they decided to create an entire eco-community, by changing their houses, the means of transport they use, the way they collect garbage in order to minimize […] Explore News